Studio Renaissance

Studio Renaissance, as the name suggest, is a combination of authenticity with slight touches of modernity. This room offers authentic black wood, and every detail, accessory or furniture are in line with the theme.  The ambience offered in this room is unforgettable and it will take you right in the heart of renascence art[…]

Studio Le Fleurs

Studio Les Fleurs, you can feel the fresh breeze of spring nuances. The name Les Fleus (french) in translation – flowers sets the theme of this room and let you dive deep into relaxation and refreshing dreams.

Double room Bolero

Classical room with two single beds – double room Bolero, offers relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere, where you can feel at home. The room is furnished with everything you might need to make your vacation special and unforgettable.

Apartments Bohem

Apartment Bohem is a daydream room for each visitor. The combination of bohemian style and natural wood are undisputed sign of high-quality and luxury.

Apartment Mozart

One of the brightest room in the Hotel – Apartment Mozart, carries the name of the great composer. This is not a coincidence, the room offers greatness and magnificent interior design. You would fall in love with this room!

Studio Romance

Once you enter this room of romance, you will fall in love with it. In fact you would never want to leave it! This room will charm you with its passionate atmosphere.  

Double room – History

The grace that double room History offers cannot be find anywhere else! In this room you can discover the aesthetics of the Roman culture and a extremely well combined modern interior design, that the Romans would only wished to have lived in.

Double room Venice

If you would like to experience the romantic and nostalgic aura of Italy, your choice would be Venice! You would not be disappointed from this room as it offers incredible mixture of genuine design, opulence your soul can dive in and great comfort.